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Our Curriculum

Building Learning Power

Elevating Education: The Essence of Building Learning Power

At the core of our curriculum lies the transformative concept of Building Learning Power (BLP), a framework designed to unveil the foundational elements of effective learning. BLP is more than an educational tool; it is a beacon guiding our students towards understanding the essence of being exceptional learners, extending beyond the classroom walls into every facet of life.

Building Learning Power champions the belief in the boundless capacity to enhance our learning methodologies, transcending age, circumstances, gender, or any perceived barriers. It gifts our community a unified language to articulate and explore the nuances of learning, crystallising the skills essential for academic and personal growth.

The Pillars of Building Learning Power:

Resilience: The Art of Perseverance

Cultivating concentration and embracing the learning opportunities in mistakes.

Encouraging a steadfast spirit of 'try and try again,' alongside effective management of distractions.

Reciprocity: The Harmony of Collective and Solo Learning

Fostering an environment where taking turns, active listening, and collaborative efforts are as valued as the capacity to learn independently.

Resourcefulness: Igniting Curiosity

Promoting innovative problem-solving, inquisitive questioning, and the ability to draw connections, all underpinned by a vibrant imagination.

Reflectiveness: The Depth of Thought

Encouraging meticulous observation, introspection about existing knowledge, strategic planning, and reflective thinking about the learning journey itself.

In every classroom, the principles of Building Learning Power are visibly celebrated, encouraging students to adopt phrases like 'not giving up,' 'making links,' or 'managing distractions' as part of their learning ethos. Moreover, our collective worship and celebration assemblies are replete with opportunities to delve into the diverse facets of BLP, reinforcing its values and practices.

BLP is not just a methodology; it is a movement towards cultivating resilient, reflective, resourceful, and reciprocal learners ready to navigate the complexities of the world with confidence and competence.